Do your tenants have a right to live in the UK?

In 2014 Right to Rent was introduced as part of the Immigration Act. This meant that the legal status to live in the UK for any prospective tenants would need to be checked. The onus was placed on landlords or their agents to ensure this was done.

Passport and immigration checks are required for any new tenant who is looking to rent a property. Which means the relevant documentation must be recorded against each tenant.

One-stop tenant checks to keep you compliant

A software solution that enables you to perform, track and store the checks you carry out on a tenant’s Right to Rent in the UK. Our simple and straightforward process is easy to follow.

Individual applicant records are created for each tenant which you can manage by property.

Documents can be scanned and uploaded to the software.

Submit and save one or more of the relevant eligibility documents for each applicant.

Reports are generated by a user detailing the results of each Right to Rent check.

View the information simultaneously across your branches and set your own user details.

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