CheckDocs Launches The First Ever Unified Property Compliance Solution for Letting Agents

Published: 11 Jun, 2021

Today CheckDocs, a market-leading UK PropTech company, has launched the first-ever complete smart property compliance solution. CheckDocs combines property licensing, EPC auditing, and right to rent data into one unified cloud platform. The solution enables letting agents and commercial agents to confront the property regulation conundrum head-on and avoid
crippling fines.

News of the launch of CheckDocs coincides with a wider government reform of the property sector, which places increased restrictions on letting agents. With over 156 property regulations across the UK and regional requirements at the local authority-level, letting agents must adopt now or risk facing financially devastating fines.

CheckDocs presents a future-proof solution that identifies the user’s risk profile across their property portfolio via an interactive dashboard. The user can search for non-compliant properties with filters, and monitor licensing issues through a single pane of glass, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks.

CheckDocs is trusted and used by some of the most prominent players in the property industry, including Countrywide, Leaders Roman Group, and Homelet. CheckDocs durability, scalability, and credibility stacks up to offer agents a complete property compliance solution.

EPC auditing is the newest addition to the CheckDocs compliance suite and doesn’t exist as part of any other service on the market. The EPC auditing service automatically discovers all properties without an EPC certificate. Fast detection is essential following the introduction of minimum energy standards that threaten agents with a  200 fine per property, per website with a non-compliant property.

To deliver real-time updates, CheckDocs uses property intelligence powered-by artificial intelligence and machine learning to search for changes to licensing regulations and highlight compliance gaps to the user. The software supplies the user with accurate regional property data that changes alongside local and national regulatory standards.

The team behind CheckDocs has invested heavily in cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies to streamline the property auditing process. Vik Tara, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of CheckDocs, put together an experienced team of PropTech experts to develop a state-of-the-art intelligent property management tool.

As a PropTech pioneer, CTO of Technology Blueprint, and the innovator behind the market-leading PropCo software, Tara used his expertise to dissect the traditional property management process. Tara was one of the first in the market to recognise that AI and intelligent design was the key to traversing emerging regulatory hurdles.

“The idea behind CheckDocs isn’t to replace compliance teams, but to empower them to become more intelligent,” Vik explained.“Traditionally, the property sector has been slow to change, but solutions like CheckDocs are helping agents to move away from manual compliance efforts and towards smart tools augmented by AI. Working smarter is the only long-term solution to avoiding regulatory gaps and nasty fines,”
Vik said.

The growing complexity of the UK regulatory landscape is forcing many letting agents and commercial agents to abandon legacy systems. In the future, smart property platforms like CheckDocs will revolutionize the property licensing and certification process and become the only viable solution for managing compliance at scale.